which way to school is cool?

because i can’t decide which method of schooling we are going to jump into – oh my gosh i can’t handle the pressure of this decision! – i’m just sticking to an amalgamation of homeschooling and unschooling for now. i’ve come up with the letter activity project. i focus on one letter a day and integrate the letter into our days activities.

we started this project today with the letter L and we ventured to none other than….the library! as far as libraries go, columbus’ is topnotch. no, really, it was voted national library of the year. i’m not LYING – an L word. See how good of a teacher i am? here’s pics of the day.

first we found the lion on the felt board. then we read about little leo.

then momma loaded up on books

we found the letter L in the magnetic letters

then we headed upstairs to the gallery space to LOOK at the art exhibit. The Carnegie Gallery at the main library branch has an exhibit up called Strands and it was quite beautiful. the exhibit will be running through oct 21. little lovely lady enjoyed it. (all L words. wink.)

we stopped for a little cupcake snack b/c darla was pretty good and b/c she’s a treat nazi.

we finally returned home to bask in the spoils of our Learning (L word!) i might have gone overboard with the libros this time. meh.

we followed up the library outing with a Listening Lunch which really means that i just put on a record album to aid our digestion while we munched. the album was rumours and i cried during songbird. troof.

here’s to learning from life until i can finally stomach the thought of shelling out thousands to educate my preschooler.  i’ll post our progress but please don’t expect me to be able to do this in 26 days. Also, i don’t plan on going in order, obvio. I just don’t have the organizational skills and the energy to to do it that way.  annnd i hope i can come up with some activity for letter u that isn’t unicycling. maybe. on second thought i might keep that one in there.


3 thoughts on “which way to school is cool?

  1. This sounds way more fun and interesting than preschool! I like that its not costing you more than college tuition per semester….plus you are both having a great time. I also LOVE that you started with a letter that is in all of our names, yours, mine and Darla’s.
    Enjoy. Hope all the outings will include treats! Grandpa taught her the W pretty quick by taking her to McD in the W store for ice cream so I will tell him you are carrying on his lead.

  2. thanks mom. yes, it does seem that she’s really grasping some new letters and concepts when i associate them with our outings. the girl like to go. also thanks, jamie. i’ll def have to check that blog out. i like seeing your postings of the learning taking place in your home. yay for active parenting!

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