Awestruck Autumn

cordelia has added a whole new dimension to my love for this fall season. biking around columbus has been fantastically enjoyable these past few weeks, when it’s not been raining. columbus, i think i like you a whole lot more from a two-wheel vantage point with blue skies and temps in the 60s. lets see if we can keep a good thing going.

A Day on Wheels

once all geared up and ready to go, we cycled to the library again. our next movie, Ponyo, was ready for pick up. Darla enjoys the grand entrance of the library b/c the words MY TREASURES are etched in the marble. She loves to run her fingers through the grooves as she says the letters. i felt very connected to this moment on several levels.

then it was on to Juergen’s bakery in our hood. this was our first time stopping in but it won’t be our last. the place was the essence of kitschy charm and they had an adorable little table out front which was just darla’s size. well the chairs at least. the table not so much. darla had chocolate plum pudding and i had a sugar pretzel. she ate both.

after riding around for a little bit longer we headed home. little miss decided that our pumpkin, clumpy pumpy, needed to go for a ride as well. ahhh these days are so sweet.

signing off,

the luckiest momma evah


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