all i need to know i learned in kinderbirthin’ class…

see what i did there? i took kindergarten and changed it to kinderbirthin’ and it works as kinder birthing too. awwwww shucks.

that really sums up the workshop though. kinder birthing. i hope i can keep that as one of my focus points as i get more involved. it’s all about kinder birthing for mom, dad and little tiny babes. also, i’m aware that kinder may or may not be an acceptable english word.

you may think doulas only support women who are having non-interventive birth. this correlation can be attributed to the fact that many women find the support and companionship of other women during her birth essential should she choose to forgo medication. but, doulas are also relevant for medicated births and cesareans. studies show that what happens to a woman emotionally matters more to her than what happens physically during labor and birth.

we learned a little more about the etymology of the word doula which is more than what you’ll find on wikipedia if you’re going to go look it up right now. it will say that doula is greek for female slave but it’s a little more than that. a doula was a woman who entered into servitude voluntarily and vowed to serve only one woman, her mistress. she took care of her mistress’ daily needs and was in turn given room, board and protection. these bonds were usually very long lasting. it’s touching to see how this term has evolved and integrated to childbirth today. i think it’s beautifully fitting.

if you are expecting please take the time to consider having a doula or at least meeting with a doula for an interview. if you’re in central ohio or indiana then consider having me as your doula! i wanna see you push a baby outta your lady regions! not many people are going to say that to you (maybe not even your partner) but i am. so take me up on it.

i just stumbled onto this on the interwebs while researching doulas and midwives and all i can say is WOW. lots of info and kinda dense at times but well worth a read. also artistically beautiful. as with the ina may book i recommended here, there are bits of this zine that don’t sit right with me and probably won’t with most of you either. but at least let those parts make you think.

Outlaw Midwives Volume 1


2 thoughts on “all i need to know i learned in kinderbirthin’ class…

  1. I am so proud of you for seeking to be a doula. There were times when you knowing where babies originated and how they came to join their families created some social friction but I see now that it was just a sign of what you were destined to be doing. Maybe the shock and awe of learning there isn’t a baby stork has worn off and some of your former schoolmates will enlist you as their doula! Go Lainey!

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