V week

darla originally picked last week as a T week but i switched it to V because of valentines. ’cause, seriously, V needs all the help it can get. here’s our V learning.










so i leaned on the valentine thing quite hard the first part of the week. i cheated by chalking out weekly library trip as a “visit” but i wanted to include it in here for the sheer chance of bragging that my child now insists we visit the art gallery of the main library every time we go. oooohhh i love the columbus library. lots of other people do, too. guess that’s why it’s number one in the nation.

we did a lot with vegetables. darla helped me with the veggie portion of meals all week. and we drew up her dream garden. well, i drew the veggies and she scribbled some yellow on it and said it was corn but then she set to work on a scarecrow with the black.

we talked about venus, the planet and the roman goddess. i pulled up the birth of venus and the venus de milo and she was very concerned about where venus de milo’s arms were and why the fairies were so big in boticelli’s painting.

and since we were into art that day i broke out van gogh and velazquez because that’s what we had around the house.

it wasn’t a great week for learning because i was feeling uninspired but i think it will suffice.

the littlest cousinfriends

we took darla and her cousin clare on a cousinfriend playdate to see the gigantic, elaborate, festive thomas the train display at the library yesterday. we love time with our sweet niece. and we love the girls’ interactions now. i’m hoping they will grow up to be best cousinfriends like two other ladies i know.

dear salty sailor,

ohhh man we did some STUFF this week. check it.

we zoo-ed it.

she likes to wear you clothes just as much as i do.

new artings at the library. she said she was inspired to draw so she did.

discovered some gnarly, antique doors in our hood. i told her they were secret doors.

she noticed this root system at the schiller park playground grown in a circle. decided this is where gnomes and faeries have dinner together.

in which she discovers a spider’s web, touches it then freaks out b/c it’s on her hand

nom nom at the north market + our treats for being good. she had the little girl and i had the dog dressed as a pig. japan, you so crazy!

you just go ahead and run it out, you crazy lunatic

these last two are at highbanks metropark in the natural play area. this is the best sycamore tree i’ve ever seen, said sycamore featured on the right. i asked darla to pose in front of it and she laid down on the ground and rolled around like a dog. she’s special.

a word on highbanks metropark: they have these little shelter houses that have fireplaces in them. i don’t care how cold it gets, when you get home you will take me there and darla too. you will build me a fire in one and you will like it. you will woo me with your manly survival skills and we will sit in front of that fire whilst darla goes buck wild at the nearby playground. i will probably have some yarn and a darning needle in my hand but i won’t be using them. they are just props b/c that is what a lady is supposed to hold in front of a fire.

that is all.

i can’t even keep track of all the funny stuff she says anymore and i’m getting lazy b/c you’re almost here so i don’t wanna. i feel that way about chores around the house. it’s like i think you’re already here so i don’t want to do it on my own but ‘taint the case.

i do remember that she has figured out how to be three people at one time instead of just two: toddler approaches. tugs on my shirt to signal that my attention is needed. says “mom, i’m mai pretending to be gumby” and then bounds off. i am very frightened for the future at this point.

you missed a pretty magical first for darla’s life – her first viewing of the wizard of oz. i would give anything to have captured the look on her face when dorothy opened the front door to reveal oz and all its vivid splendor. darla’s eyes grew saucerlike and she gasped. she then sat enraptured. if i had known it was going to be that spectacular i would have waited for you to be home before we watched it. also, I FREAKING LOVE JUDY GARLAND.

well i better sign off so i can write you a honey-do email so you know what you’re going to do when you get home.

i love you more than cheese.

wife former fwife

which way to school is cool?

because i can’t decide which method of schooling we are going to jump into – oh my gosh i can’t handle the pressure of this decision! – i’m just sticking to an amalgamation of homeschooling and unschooling for now. i’ve come up with the letter activity project. i focus on one letter a day and integrate the letter into our days activities.

we started this project today with the letter L and we ventured to none other than….the library! as far as libraries go, columbus’ is topnotch. no, really, it was voted national library of the year. i’m not LYING – an L word. See how good of a teacher i am? here’s pics of the day.

first we found the lion on the felt board. then we read about little leo.

then momma loaded up on books

we found the letter L in the magnetic letters

then we headed upstairs to the gallery space to LOOK at the art exhibit. The Carnegie Gallery at the main library branch has an exhibit up called Strands and it was quite beautiful. the exhibit will be running through oct 21. little lovely lady enjoyed it. (all L words. wink.)

we stopped for a little cupcake snack b/c darla was pretty good and b/c she’s a treat nazi.

we finally returned home to bask in the spoils of our Learning (L word!) i might have gone overboard with the libros this time. meh.

we followed up the library outing with a Listening Lunch which really means that i just put on a record album to aid our digestion while we munched. the album was rumours and i cried during songbird. troof.

here’s to learning from life until i can finally stomach the thought of shelling out thousands to educate my preschooler.  i’ll post our progress but please don’t expect me to be able to do this in 26 days. Also, i don’t plan on going in order, obvio. I just don’t have the organizational skills and the energy to to do it that way.  annnd i hope i can come up with some activity for letter u that isn’t unicycling. maybe. on second thought i might keep that one in there.