los angeles lied to me

los angeles told me that it was always sunny and balmy. los angeles told me my friends are right around the corner and ready to meet up for decadent dinners and uniquely concocted cocktails on a daily basis. los angeles told me i could sleep in until 10 every day if i wanted to. it also said i could shop constantly and not worry one bit about my credit card bill.

all of those things became sweet nothings once my plane touched down in indianapolis.

these things happened on my sabbatical: shopping, food, friends, laughs, sun, shoppping, drinks, sightseeing, ocean breezes, more shopping, more food, delicious food, oh-my-god the food, walks, rest, snuggles, friends, new friends and missing my little mini-me.

it was just what i needed and i can’t thank enough all the dear friends who took time out to meet up, catch up, and house me. this trip was just what i needed. i’m always very bad about taking a moment away to take pictures when it comes to myself. here’s the tiny, tiny amount i captured from the most optimistic city i’ve yet to encounter.

friends and sunshine on a venice beach bike ride

does a beautiful back deck make beautiful people more beautiful or vice versa? PeeR At THis PaiR OF PEErs ON thE PieR. my radical flight partner rode on the wing. i hope the stewardess’ didn’t take him down!

i’m already looking forward to planning another trip out to la la with little da-la. also looking forward to planning my next adventure. where should we travel next? where will you travel next?

cheers to adventures dreamed by you and by me.

link section: here’s a few links to places we encountered on my trip:  venice ale house …. the tasting kitchen – in care of LA’s best bartender …. huckleberry ….peek, aren’t you curiousintimacytownhousegjelinakid fireflyborder grill and pinkberry!


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