ummm i have to do THAT again in 9 days???

ok. WOW. i thought flying with darla yesterday would be a piece of cake since it was about her 12th round trip flight but it was quite a test in patience. i basically told my friends to keep my child away from me for at least an hour so i could reprogram and get myself back to a good mommy place. that wasn’t really a problem since elsa and darla revolved in their own world for most of the night, just happy to be together.

i won’t bore everyone with details but it went a lot like this: i bought darla a muffin for breakfast. it was a very crumbly muffin. darla bit right into the center and then basically the whole thing crumbled into two pieces and fell on the ground. freaking $4 airport muffin. Then at lunch all she requested was a banana. She unpeeled the banana and proceeded to bite right into a big brown spot and then the banana split in two pieces and fell on the ground. freaking $1.75 airport banana.

it wasn’t all bad. it’s pretty endearing to see your child charging her way through the airport towards her bestie. darla said she would race me to be the first one to see elsa. as she sped past me on the ramp she turned around and shouted “i tooted at you to slow you down!”  she did, in fact, get to be the first one to elsa. their reunion was the thing nickelodeon movies are made of. i mean, it amused the lead singer of linkin park, who was coincidentally in the airport because of some nickelodeon awards event this weekend.



it was all worth it to see these two together again. I am SO happy to be here.


One thought on “ummm i have to do THAT again in 9 days???

  1. Oh my goodness. This is why one cannot stay irritated with the little miss for longer than a minute….she’s got such amazing lines. Seriously who would think to say they were slowing you down with a toot?! Such competitive spirit! That is going on my profile page of favorite sayings. I bet no one prepping to run in London this summer has even thought of such an amazing strategy. She is ahead of her time! I will just hold a tissue over my nose next time I have to run after her in the airport and warn the TSA that she’s a potential stinker!

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