“it’s totalary magical and you get to believe it”

california has been a whirlwind of wonderful activities, so far, and it is thoroughly kicking my butt. yesterday we took the girls to Disneyland. It was darla’s first time in an amusement park. she was amused. here’s just a bit of the day:






well, what can i say about the day? thanks to the precision science the buzzker family has perfected of amusement park going, we thoroughly covered the parks. Our coined phrase was “thrilled to the max.” Darla was pretty enthused about her first trip to disneyland.

i hadn’t been on a rollercoaster since before darla was born and it was soooo good. i have this, ummm, we’ll call it a “condition” where i just start laughing uncontrollably on rides. it’s prominent in the teacup video if anyone wants to hear. i’m sorry that the audio in that is just me laughing hysterically. being whirled through space just makes me astoundingly giddy, i guess.

hubster, i soooo wished you could have been there. i wish you could be here for the whole trip. in the words of elsa bun as she was preparing d for the disney experience:


yes, it totalary was.

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