weekending 4.0

we’re still in indiana and hopefully i’ll have something wonderful and insightful to say about what i wear and how i dance to Tennis tonight – since i never really seem to be able to focus on musical merits – but here are some of our out-of-doors doings from the weekend.

IMG_2051 IMG_2062

visiting nashville, indiana


a girl’s first chai


grandma love


on our way to the old fashioned nut shop. yummy.



we named him fizzgig.


and i took the girl creeking. it makes me sad sometimes that we live in the city and darla doesn’t get to roam the rural areas i did as a wee one. but, thankfully, we have grandma and grandpa’s. every child needs a creek.

we saw lots of animal tracks, darla found interesting rocks, we looked at trees and plants and all sorts of nature things with the highlight of the visit to the wilderness being that we saw a mink. A MINK, i tell you. it’s the only one i’ve ever seen in non-coat form.


anchor hocking in my creek


she took her socks and shoes off for the full effect. i love her.


and here was the big surprise of the weekend: darla’s very own tractor from grandpa. unfortunately, i think she will have her mother’s driving skills.


┬álastly, darla’s picture of her Grandpa Tom. do you see the resemblance?

i love our retreats here to indiana. looking forward to our visits again in april when i’ll hopefully be supporting another couple’s birth of an aries bambino. i was joking with Sarah, the mother of my first doula experience, that i will just block my schedule off in april every year and advertise doulaship only for Aries babies. being a ram myself, i’m pretty partial.


next up: tucker christmas








1. breakfast with grandpa at the abe martin lodge 2. displaying her latest talent which she calls “tick-tocking her eyes” 3. the beginning of a 24 hr winter wonderland 4. venturing out into the snow with grandpa 5. i want this hearth in my daily life 6. darla’s thinking ” and so this is christmas…and what have i done?….” 7. michael 8. Big Woods Brewing Company Cattail. mmmm yummy.


hi friends,

how was your christmas? merry? jolly? bright? white?

i hope any combination of all of the above.

all was well here. busy busy hectic and busy. but ohhhh so much fun. christmas continues for the tucker half of my family. we’re currently “christmasing” at the abe martin lodge in brown county indiana. the setting is pretty ideal at the moment.

i’m typing next to a crackling fire. the view outside the windows is of snow covered trees and cabins. the lodge is decked out in holiday decor and rustic, natural adornments. kids are running around, families are playing board games in the game lobby. the kitchen is churning out wonderful homestyle food. my child is asleep and i’m enjoying some peace on the internet with my father here by the fire.

maybe that last sentence didn’t fit in with the rest of the painted picture but did you hear me? MY CHILD IS ASLEEP. she’s been very rambunctious due to the lax environment the holidays have created and she’s taking her first nap in what seems like weeks. so i’m catching up on some things on the interwebs by this here fire while i shove my face full of stocking stuffed jelly beans.

semi-quiet solitude: it’s the best christmas gift yet…


ps. i have lots of pics and memories to share from our holiday celebrations but i’ll update on those soon. i’m trying my best to stay present with family time and disengaged from technology. present moments excluded.