Why Should I?

Just sign up for it. it’s good. trust me. stop wasting your life in the grocery store.

Green Bean Delivery for Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Louisville. $15 off your first order with the promo code “MomJeanz” (case sensitive) and Elaine Tucker in the referred by section.


how i work it

i bet you thought this was going to be a post about how i keep this figure all nice and trim. no, silly. it’s about how i work the green bean delivery system for our house.

i do our green bean delivery on a every other week schedule. the minimum delivery order is $35. everyone spends at least $35 on groceries every two weeks so this service could be applicable to everyone. except train hobos.

green bean has several different options for bin sizes and delivery frequency – once a week or bi-weekly – but we get the smallest produce bin every other week. then i add milk – either snowville or hartzler, – eggs from a local farmer and the cartons get returned and reused, and then i get something protein related. i have always loved the quality of meat we get from their partners and lately i have been very into the luna burger selections.

by covering our produce, milk, eggs, and protein once every other week i have greatly reduced the time spent in the grocery store.

now, it does take a few minutes of your time to customize your order online, but i have to say it is considerably less than what you would spend in the store. especially if you have a little lassie who is asking you for cookies, fruit snacks, graham crackers and a balloon all simultaneously.

Be sure to sign up for Green Bean delivery and get your first order by next week at $15 off! Use “MomJeanz” in the promo code and my name in the “referred by” section. Be sure to let me know which system has worked for you.

nutrition in your jeanz

this is the first of many subsequent posts to try to talk you into subscribing to Green Bean Delivery Service.

i first want to state that i approached Green Bean about offering readers a discount. I did this because i really, truly love what they provide for our family and i wanted to back them up. simple.

this service saves me time going to the grocery store. This service provides me with a network of farmers, grocers and local artisans that I can purchase from and have goods sent directly to our doorstep. Really. It’s there every other week. on the doorstep. Darla loves to help me go through it and see what surprises we have awaiting us. So, there is the entertainment factor.

this service has introduced me to new foods that i never would have picked out for our family of my own volition. Can you believe i had never had an acorn squash before green bean? i could never live without them now. the items that come in your delivery are completely customizable but sometimes i just like to go with the surprise on the chance that i’m going to really fall in love with a new item. sometimes i go in and substitute out the things we eat less of for something i know we’ll love but most of the time i like to use it as a challenge to expand horizons. to each his own, right?

this service saves me from impulse buys and has changed how we snack in this house. the bottom shelf of our pantry used to house a variety of chips and crackers. i thought that because i was buying whole grain and organic options that it was still ok. but now that shelf has been empty for quite a while. we are now snackers of peppers, cauliflower and broccoli.

this service supports local commerce and has a commitment to sustainable grocery shopping. the bins are reusable. items come packaged in recyclable brown bags when possible and anything that needs to be in a plastic bag comes in a biodegradable corn-based bag.  these are really important pieces of the puzzle for me.

i could go on and on but i’m stopping here b/c it’s 12:33 am and i’m tired. plus, this isn’t the last you’ve heard from me about our dear green bean

*to sign up and get $15 off your first order type MomJeanz (case sensitive) into the promo code and Elaine Tucker into the “referred by” section. welcome to the luxurious produce lifestyle.

Green Bean Delivery discount offer for MomJeanz readers!

i am really excited to announce the first (only? who knows?) discount offer for MomJeanz readers.

if you are a regular reader of MomJeanz, which you should be, then you are well versed with my obsession with our Green Bean Delivery. I love it for all of the above reasons: it simplifies my life, saves me trips to the grocery store thus shielding me from impulse buys, provides us with local, organic foods and has significantly improved our nutrition and variance of diet.

I would like you, dear reader, to have these same benefits in your life. The wonderful people at Green Bean are offering a $15 discount off your first order for anyone who signs up as a MomJeanz reader.

Here’s how to get the discount: visit greenbeandelivery.com. choose your region, click “sign up now” button on left hand side of screen. fill out your information and use my name – Elaine Tucker – in the “referred by” section and the Promo Code: MomJeanz (case sensitive).  after you have submitted all your personal information you will be directed to the store to customize your bin and browse food selections.

i’ll be posting further this week on different benefits of Green Bean Delivery and how i make their system work in our household. thanks for your consideration and i hope many of you will join the Green Bean Team.

three things i love

ONE!!! the local food effort of central ohio.

TWO!!!! my green bean delivery service.

THREE!!! the edible columbus magazine.*

well, daggummit, the planets align for this season’s issue. green bean has a write up for fall!  i really just adore this publication even though i don’t really know my way around the kitchen. i just like the pretty pictures.

and no, green bean does not pay me to plug their service. but THEY SHOULD. i just really revere them for simplifying my life a little. i’m giving them and edible columbus a slap on the proverbial back and a somewhat softer smack on the proverbial bottom. good job, folks. keep it up.


actually, if anyone would like to try the service i have a coupon code for 50% off. just email me at elaine (dot) tucker (at) gmail (dot) com.

*(in my head this is sung to the same tune as Black Kids – “i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you.”)

our favorite day of the fortnight!

one of the best decisions we made this past year, by far, was signing up for Green Bean Delivery. every other wednesday a bin of fresh, local, organic groceries is delivered to our doorstep and i’m always excited and a little intimidated by what we receive. i say intimidated b/c inevitably we get some veggie or fruit that i haven’t cooked with before. this is one of the main reasons i like the service because it has broadened my cooking and dietary boundaries. the service has so many good features but here’s a quick recap:

1 – completely customizable orders. you can choose your size of delivery and frequency. i choose their smallest produce bin at every other week and it is enough to last our family until our next delivery. actually i don’t think i used to get this exact when i did the produce shopping at the store. the only parameter is that your standing order has to be $35 which is very easy to meet if you are buying produce for a whole household. You can also choose the exact produce you receive if you do have a picky household or some dietary restrictions. i like to let ours be a grab bag b/c i like living dangerously on the edge.

2 – all slash most of the produce/groceries are from local farms and grocers. i feel so much more autonomous getting my groceries from this service versus a large chain supermarket. the main states involved are Indiana and Ohio and those two are at the very top of my list for supporting with my buying power.

3 – you can add additional artisan products that are from local companies such as yogurt, cheese, meat, eggs, even spices, sauces, lunch snacks. really their options are so incredible. they provide bios on all their products so it makes researching the product and the companies a sinch.

4 – did i already mention they deliver to your door? b/c they deliver it to your door. you do have to store the bin for a week but that is pretty easy to do. then just leave the empty bin on delivery day and, viola!, a new bin brimming with delectable items will be waiting for you. it seems like they normally do our delivery between 4-7 pm which insures that it doesn’t sit out too long for those 9-5 folks.

the company started with just Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton and has quickly branched to include Louisville, Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne. so, if you are reading this from any of the aforementioned areas i highly recommend you check it out. a little added bonus in our household…darla loves to help me unpack the bin :) love. the. girl.