nutrition in your jeanz

this is the first of many subsequent posts to try to talk you into subscribing to Green Bean Delivery Service.

i first want to state that i approached Green Bean about offering readers a discount. I did this because i really, truly love what they provide for our family and i wanted to back them up. simple.

this service saves me time going to the grocery store. This service provides me with a network of farmers, grocers and local artisans that I can purchase from and have goods sent directly to our doorstep. Really. It’s there every other week. on the doorstep. Darla loves to help me go through it and see what surprises we have awaiting us. So, there is the entertainment factor.

this service has introduced me to new foods that i never would have picked out for our family of my own volition. Can you believe i had never had an acorn squash before green bean? i could never live without them now. the items that come in your delivery are completely customizable but sometimes i just like to go with the surprise on the chance that i’m going to really fall in love with a new item. sometimes i go in and substitute out the things we eat less of for something i know we’ll love but most of the time i like to use it as a challenge to expand horizons. to each his own, right?

this service saves me from impulse buys and has changed how we snack in this house. the bottom shelf of our pantry used to house a variety of chips and crackers. i thought that because i was buying whole grain and organic options that it was still ok. but now that shelf has been empty for quite a while. we are now snackers of peppers, cauliflower and broccoli.

this service supports local commerce and has a commitment to sustainable grocery shopping. the bins are reusable. items come packaged in recyclable brown bags when possible and anything that needs to be in a plastic bag comes in a biodegradable corn-based bag.  these are really important pieces of the puzzle for me.

i could go on and on but i’m stopping here b/c it’s 12:33 am and i’m tired. plus, this isn’t the last you’ve heard from me about our dear green bean

*to sign up and get $15 off your first order type MomJeanz (case sensitive) into the promo code and Elaine Tucker into the “referred by” section. welcome to the luxurious produce lifestyle.