Green Bean Delivery discount offer for MomJeanz readers!

i am really excited to announce the first (only? who knows?) discount offer for MomJeanz readers.

if you are a regular reader of MomJeanz, which you should be, then you are well versed with my obsession with our Green Bean Delivery. I love it for all of the above reasons: it simplifies my life, saves me trips to the grocery store thus shielding me from impulse buys, provides us with local, organic foods and has significantly improved our nutrition and variance of diet.

I would like you, dear reader, to have these same benefits in your life. The wonderful people at Green Bean are offering a $15 discount off your first order for anyone who signs up as a MomJeanz reader.

Here’s how to get the discount: visit choose your region, click “sign up now” button on left hand side of screen. fill out your information and use my name – Elaine Tucker – in the “referred by” section and the Promo Code: MomJeanz (case sensitive).  after you have submitted all your personal information you will be directed to the store to customize your bin and browse food selections.

i’ll be posting further this week on different benefits of Green Bean Delivery and how i make their system work in our household. thanks for your consideration and i hope many of you will join the Green Bean Team.


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