edible communities

hi, do you know about the edible communities magazine in your area?

i read edible columbus religiously. ok, so i don’t always get around to reading the latest edition for a a while but i never miss one. this magazine has been an amazing wealth of information for me.

friends in high and low places, here are some links for you for copies in your respective areas:


washington dc


san francisco


click on your area’s link to find locations to pick up a copy. editions are printed once a season. here are some articles i’ve loved this time around:

Soil Matters -The soil becomes an unsustainable system artificially propped up with industrialized stimulants, akin to a junkie kept alive by the very substances that are slowly killing him.

Biodynamic Farming and Feasting

in other cultivation news:

we have a mulberry tree, a crab apple tree and our yard is bursting with wild strawberries. i’ve been trying to research the use of these wild fruits. Any suggestions? i am saddened at the thought of all this bounty in our yard that we may not be able to partake.


three things i love

ONE!!! the local food effort of central ohio.

TWO!!!! my green bean delivery service.

THREE!!! the edible columbus magazine.*

well, daggummit, the planets align for this season’s issue. green bean has a write up for fall!  i really just adore this publication even though i don’t really know my way around the kitchen. i just like the pretty pictures.

and no, green bean does not pay me to plug their service. but THEY SHOULD. i just really revere them for simplifying my life a little. i’m giving them and edible columbus a slap on the proverbial back and a somewhat softer smack on the proverbial bottom. good job, folks. keep it up.


actually, if anyone would like to try the service i have a coupon code for 50% off. just email me at elaine (dot) tucker (at) gmail (dot) com.

*(in my head this is sung to the same tune as Black Kids – “i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you.”)