daily moment

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i love that my little girl grabs a bumbershoot and galloshes {can you tell i’m feeling very retro at the moment?} and heads out for a good time during a rainstorm. i dislike that my first reaction is to try and control it and think how this activity will interfere with my routine. she lives life in the moment and each moment to the fullest. please, universe remind me not to squash this out of her.


daily moment

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gosh, i wish there would have been a bit of info about how you’re going to receive awesome the gifts from your clients for being their doula in my training. i wish i had taken a pic of getting to snuggle with a handsome little dude b/c that would have been my daily moment for sure but receiving this special gift is right up there. love it.

thank you universe!

daily moment

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i was going to write this up as an unschooling post but decided to keep it a daily moment. i took darla down to the state house building as an unschooling celebration of the SCOTUS ruling yesterday. we explored the ladies’ gallery about women’s rights. i guess it’s not that fascinating to a 4yo but i couldn’t help thinking about the possibility of there being rooms in museums dedicated to the fight for marriage equality someday. someday there will be a bored four year old standing in front of an exhibit on marriage equality. she will be bored because it will be a normal part of life. i guarantee it.