daily moment

 photo 0AFD00D1-5255-41E6-A441-C9D0873414DB-25345-000011FF562BB9B0_zpse1c48e70.jpg

 photo EA8E6B46-445A-4DF8-AEBB-E241EB07BE50-25345-000011FF516CD040_zps1c4c723a.jpg

 photo 911DA5C2-72B0-4505-A38B-B962E0D20922-25345-000011FF4D18FE0D_zpsea344f07.jpg

i have a pumpkin eater. i don’t think we’ll be putting her in any pumpkin shells though.

this was the first time darla has carved a pumpkin for artistic purposes. we have painted them in previous years. this year we did the normal routine. she chose a bat as her design and hubster helped with the artwork.

she told me the other day that she’s a magical kid. i think i believe her. she makes any activity magical for me.

i love her.

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