Project Iron Thighz


weekly tally:

4/25 – 1 mile

4/26 – 1 mile

4/28 – 1 mile

4/29 – 5.3 miles

grand total = 8.3 miles

not bad for the first week. hopefully the weather will cooperate more this next se’night. our ride home from the gym yesterday was in the rain. no biggie fries, though. it’s only a .5 mi from our homestead.

i did the math and figured out it will take me 3,200 miles to ride back the bike if i average gas to be $3.75 a gallon. bahahaha. how many years will that take? at least 8.3 is a start.

also, darla has now requested that her bike be called Ruby Juice too. I can’t decide on RuJu Too, RuJu Two, or RuJuTooTwo. i kinda like the last one. what do you think?


lastly, a pic of darla waiting for RuJu to be delivered in our bike trailer with my old not-creepy-at-all hug-a-bunch doll.

happy riding.


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