Project Iron Thighz

project iron thighz has been in full effect this week with some pretty good success. the first being that we rode it some every single day, even if it was just down to the gym and back. the second being i found our bike path to downtown, along the olentangy and to the scioto mile. i also found how to get to whetsone. as soon as i’m conditioned to make it that far we’re going to ride just about everywhere on two wheels. the third being i haven’t picked up groceries in the car since we got RuJu. our time in the car has greatly decreased. and lastly, a couple women who work at our gym asked me to email them pics and info about our bike set-up so they could get something similar for themselves.

excuse me, elaine. do you brag much?

errr sorry.

look, i don’t mean to brag it’s just that this week really knocked me back on my heels and i need to celebrate any small victory i had so please, forgive me this one brag sesh.

4/30 – 2.3 miles

5/1 – 1 mi

5/2 – 2.3 miles

5/3 – 1 mi

5/4 – 2 mi

5/5 – 7 mi

5/6 – 2.4 mi

week total – 18

grand total – 26.3 mi

woo woo! we just rode away 1 gallon of gas.

here’s darla enjoying a ring pop that lasted her a 7 mi ride.


and our view from the olentangy trailway


happy biking


One thought on “Project Iron Thighz

  1. I am very proud of you for toughing through and focussing on your accomplishments. Also, Darla’s eyelashes are very pretty in that pic as are her blue lips. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming……….

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