making her mark

 photo B8D49F15-210F-43D0-8091-E2138CA23598-7972-000005D23869E9AC_zpscd0d303e.jpg

darla was present from the very onset of this project.  in her usual way, she dove straight in, wanting to give her contribution, without really listening to how it is she actually could be of help. she took the yardstick over to the wall, traced around it and proudly declared afterwards that she liked her work.

you can see very faintly that i had drawn a triangle around it and had plans on painting it to match the pattern of the rest of the room. but once i got over to that spot on the wall i couldn’t paint over it. the way she had been so proud of herself kept playing in my mind so i found our small paint brushes and set to painting in the outline she had drawn. and i couldn’t love it more. it’s a little piece of her in the middle of something that i had planned to look a certain way. but i know that without her addition it wouldn’t be complete. this could be a metaphor for my life. i try to make plans for my life to look a certain way. but then there is darla, with her own plans, ready to make her own mark on my life and the world. and if i look at it the right way, i can see how she makes everything better in that way.

and there’s the fact that this bit is going to be behind a dresser, but that’s beside the point…


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