done with school

 photo 6989823E-2C7D-4AE6-B95A-7F3DFFD43C60-12902-00000DF9672F77C1_zpsea6fde95.jpg photo 60E25305-D5D7-4F48-81FA-3F00FFBFF4A7-12902-00000DF979DD94DD_zps18e7770b.jpg photo B2D88C6D-D2CB-4C92-809A-1DDADA0CC60C-12902-00000DF948C5C968_zps56528715.jpg

today was darla’s last day at school. she’s excited and ready to groove. see, she’s doing a victory dance in that first photo. and i got my obligatory shot with the school sign which turned out marginally better {or worse depending on your sense of humor} than the first day of school shot.

i was surprised by an uprising of emotion. don’t get me wrong, i’m an emotional junkie but i was not feeling sentimental about the last day of school until i picked her up. it hit me at once that we were finished with her first year of school. then the kicker was the surprise binder her school provided with moments from the year that were previously unknown to us. they took cute pictures showing how much they’ve grown and gained. darla has officially grown 3 inches and gained 4 pounds since september.

i can’t believe how cliché i feel at moments like these but it struck me how fast the year has gone by. i was reminded how different life was when she started the year. is it going to feel like this every year? someone please tell me. i’ve always been a nostalgic person, dreading the passing of time and i’m going to need to do some emotional calisthenics to get through the next 12 years if so.

see you next fall, school dayz.

oh and yes, those are darla’s pajamas she insisted on wearing to school. that was not an argument i was going to fight on the last day. you win, honey.


5 thoughts on “done with school

  1. the last day of school has always been more bittersweet for me as well. the last day of kindergarten for my daughter included their little goodbye song and this mama choking back surprised tears, i just couldn’t believe it was over! we’re looking forward to the last day of fifth grade this year and it never fails, the last day always gets me. i started taking first and last day pictures in first grade, we frame them together and it’s amazing how much change happens in a school year!

    • oh wow, fifth grade! i’m keeping myself under the delusion that grade school is still so far away. her preschool put their first week and last week pics side by side in her binder. she looks like a different kiddo. i love that!

  2. I LOVE that she wore her pajamas to school! What a creative little spirit you have on your hands. My daughter is only 9 months old, time has flown by and I can only imagine how much faster it’s going to go when she is school boung age. Have a great summer!!

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