my daughter is my hero

 photo 2E4E3A1C-509A-4A4B-96B1-FD2C4FE4B35E-6410-000004F44506D543_zps763c6176.jpg

girl crush moment:

this girl is my hero. she’s so fearless and fun. she’s easily the person having the best time everywhere she goes. she doesn’t know a stranger. she dresses up in her girliest outfit and then hunts all over the house to find her “light sabers” to stuff in her purse because she “doesn’t go anywhere without them.”  she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go for it. she puts together the best outfits. she’s smart and she’s funny. and she’s punny! she’s determined and affectionate. she’s helpful and enthusiastic. she’s creative. she’s independent but loves being part of a team.

in short, she’s all the things i want to be when i grow up.

what i feel about this age + stage is that i realize mike and i may have very little to do with how great this person is. when they are young you feel this overwhelming weight of how they’re going to turn out. and then, even though it seems like you do a million things wrong along the way, they turn out to be these amazing little people who are just so cool. i pray i’ll remember this with our second person and just CTFO about everything other than love and fun.

i hope you all have a kid hero.


5 thoughts on “my daughter is my hero

  1. oh my goodness. my inner child and grown up Mama are all crying at once. hormone overload. i love this. love darla. love Mama C’s comment. love love love being a mom and watching my babies grow…. it’s the most incredible feeling in the whole wide wide world.

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