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i’m going to attempt to venture into the perilous realm of prenatal vitamins with this pregnancy eats post. sigh.

i feel this qualifies as a pregnancy eats post because when it comes to prenatal vitamins i try to get most of them from my diet. my family has been in financial hardship for a while and the first thing i did was give our food consumption a big overhaul. i think normally the quality of food is one of the first things to go when money becomes an issue but here i try to remember that food is our first medicine, the old “pay the farmer today instead of the doctor tomorrow” line of thought. i really put a great deal of effort into crafting healthful diets for my family. and guess what, if you scrap all the stuff that is processed and bad for you then eating healthy is relatively cheap but requires more time and effort.

so, when it came to choosing a prenatal vitamin the skeptic in me reared her head. vitamins are controversial. my brain is not really ready to make a call on whether they are actually effective or not. but better safe than sorry, right?  ugh, well, now we’re getting into whether or not they’re safe which some researchers claim they are not.  if you decide to take a vitamin then you have to decide which kind to take and that’s a whole issue on it’s own.

and guess what, the ones that seem like they’re the best cost a fortune…for vitamins…that should really be sourced from our food in the first place.

so i’ve come up with a system that seems to work for me and my pocketbook and hopefully for my nutritional needs but who is able to really measure that on a daily basis anyhow?

i started with a high quality vitamin. originally i was taking Garden of Life’s Raw Prenatal Multivitamin but that cost me the same amount as one week’s worth of groceries and only lasted 2 months. you see, it says 180 count but the serving size is 3 per day so barely two months worth is all i got out of it. {actually, it looks like they are on a pretty decent sale of them over on amazon right now.} as i mentioned, i’m not willing to risk real nutrition for pill nutrition so i did some more research and settled on Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamin which my body seems to like really well, has probiotics included and is easier on the pocketbook since it’s a once daily pill.

i added a calcium + magnesium supplement daily. i chose the Trader Joe’s version because it seems decent enough and the price was right. i would put a link for it here but it’s way more expensive on amazon than at the store so just get thee to a TJ’s if you’re interested in incorporating that.

i lucked out and was gifted a DHA supply and take that daily. a gal pal passed along her Country Life Omega Mom tablets that she was done with. if this child has superior brain function as a result i will make sure he/she knows who to thank.

so now things get interesting…

i also picked up a generic drug store prenatal vitamin which cost me about $3. and i have a Trader Joe’s Probiotic that seems pretty effective for my body that cost me $6.

What i have come up with, which is probably way too over thought and crazy, is i take the Rainbow Light one day and then take the cheaper version along with the TJ’s probiotic the next day and keep in a rotation. I take the calcium & DHA everyday. By using this system I’ve got enough vitamins to cover me well into my breastfeeding relationship with this child. I tell myself that my good nutrition more than compensates for the days when i’m taking the cheapo vitamin.

does this all seem crazy? it all seems a bit crazy. let’s just admit it’s crazy. but it makes it affordable for me to get those high quality vitamins in there at least every other day since i can’t afford the daily {or thrice daily} versions. i honestly don’t feel a difference between the days but feel pretty good overall so i think this plan is working. but it’s probably due to the very healthy REAL food we eat.

so, i’ll keep this up until my Rainbow Light stash runs out but then i don’t think i’ll be re-upping on them even though i think they’re really good. when i think about all the REAL food that could be going into my body with that money it just seems so silly.

because it is.


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