pregnancy eats

 photo 5E2E89E0-B62F-47F7-ADA0-6F4351BC0024-7658-000004853983B387_zpseaf11699.jpg photo 3F81D60A-2D4A-46F4-950C-048C0176EDC2-18350-000006ED2063C4D9_zps03cf58a3.jpg

this pregnancy, i’m trying to average between 80-100 grams of protein a day. once you start counting protein it’s like “whoa, i’m going to have to eat a lot of food today to get my protein requirements AND all the other good things into my body.” especially if you don’t eat meat everyday like myself. i use cottage cheese as my secret weapon. the brands i get have 14-15 grams of protein in a half cup serving. i usually top it with a fresh or frozen fruit for a lovely little breakfast item or a snack. this works for me because i’m the only cottage cheese lover in my house. all the cottage cheese is mine!

what were your non-meat protein secrets during pregnancy?


2 thoughts on “pregnancy eats

  1. Whoah, kudos to you! It’s hard to track the protein part, in my opinion. Cottage cheese does pack a punch, I forgot about that… also yogurt and beans. These fruit bowls look AWESOME. Thanks for the inspiration!

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