life{dot}next V

i wrote last year about the life{dot}next retreat i attend annually. well we just wrapped up another successful extended weekend and are all now working on our re-entry to the real world. it can be hard to come away from a weekend of feeling propped up and full of hope and ambition to then re-enter the everyday landscape of obstacles, schedules and valid constraints.

i feel this last weekend was very sacred to me. last year i wrote a pretty gushy post and even though i still feel that way, i feel like keeping this last experience closer and intimate. i had an absolutely wonderful time. i know i owe a good deal of my growth to these retreats. i would like to share a few pictures from the retreat to highlight some very good times with some incredible women:

 photo CCB32EC6-5599-4BC4-B8CE-318C84D5BE48-17005-000006846558E66C_zps4f14c9f8.jpg

^^^ a goddess welcome to Anahata Spa & Resort in Desert Hot Springs ^^^
 photo 8270DDE1-A8A9-4403-9D78-6765CE687570-17005-000006846D934673_zpsb1d8b963.jpg

^^^ and rainbow blessings, too ^^^
 photo 54C68697-4787-4E73-B424-9B783EBE3E51-17005-0000068474D9860D_zps0d4dd9d1.jpg

^^^ set up for a calligraphy exercise ^^^
 photo E73E4602-8A73-49EF-95FD-E7D13A0441FB-17005-000006847AA33D67_zps61ce36b2.jpg

^^^ calligraphy invocation ^^^
 photo 26FE9B14-9A63-4A0D-9121-EC797ECDAA0C-17005-000006847F95577F_zps0e45d1b4.jpg

^^^ stereotypical southwestern karaoke bar, complete with fried food and champagne bucket ^^^
 photo CCA69F08-2EF6-41B2-8CE9-60B7D4B7C2CF-17005-0000068485CAB292_zps841d7074.jpg

^^^ the lovely lady-blur of 25 females enjoying themselves at dinner ^^^
 photo 1C50C4C8-C795-4818-87A8-B8B88FD74E82-17005-000006848C7FBC04_zps26f38823.jpg
 photo 7DD96E10-737E-4633-99C4-58029B7EEFEB-17005-00000684921B59A1_zpsa44cc3f7.jpg

^^^ our only sunny opening circle of the retreat ^^^
 photo B4C543C6-6072-4E78-B2A4-A9020B97BBB8-17005-0000068497E41D62_zps314241ee.jpg

^^^ saying good-bye to a view that left me feeling majestic and charged all weekend ^^^


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