harvest moon weekend

did you enjoy the harvest moon weekend? did neil young perform in your headspace as well? just me?

oh well.

we enjoyed a wonderful weekend of beautiful weather (thankful for that after several rainy days), carnival rides, food truck fest and a little girl running hills.

ferris wheel

at the top of the ferris wheel

ferris wheel 2Photobucket

picture comment one: i was a little reluctant to let darla in the fun house. i mean, did you see those paintings? i don’t know if you know this but carnivals are creepy…

picture comment two: the food truck fest was at mallow run winery. this was a rad time! the set up was very relaxed and kid-friendly – a great place to relax, nosh, and watch your child run up and down hills while you delude yourself that it will help get her into an earlier bedtime. i highly suggest it for any of you central indiana folk.

hope you enjoyed your weekend. thanks for reading about ours!


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