fair friends

we made it to the fair! i was worried that we weren’t going to make it this year. last year was so fairtastic {here, here, here, here and here} but this year we’ve been best in no show. see what i did there? thank goodness for $5 fair day. we had a pretty decent time and this year i finally felt secure enough to take darla on the sky tram. i’m not sure it was worth all the anxiety it caused me worrying that she was going to jump over the side but it sure is a beautiful way to take in the fairgrounds.

the kiddos milked a cow, did some rides, hustled adults for sugary treats…the usual.

sigh. our state fair is a great state fair.

 photo 240E82F5-0901-404F-98CE-E90D93D378AA-2470-000001CDA5E3AAC8_zpsd0c4e0f9.jpg photo C50A2A39-12B6-4A63-9B94-E9414CEB4B81-2470-000001CDA1F0A813_zps331d7178.jpg photo EABBE5C1-D852-4C92-A5A2-80582730C44B-2470-000001CD9CB5D533_zps3c33b01c.jpg photo 76F5699F-F60E-4859-84BF-B0FAA4C9E299-2470-000001CDAB293721_zps2b98d11d.jpg


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