school dayz

we tackled our convergence with traditional education in these past weeks.

while other parents snapped cute photos of their little ones posed neatly in front of signs THIS is what i had to work with


let’s take a closer look at those facial expressions


ha ha. yeah, well she’s really going to regret it when i make her come back to this sign EVERY YEAR on the first day of school and reenact these photos. i mean it.

despite what these pictures portray, her first week of school went off without a hitch. in fact, these pics are taken from orientation day, at which she tried to keep us from coming in the room with her. she just held up her hands and said “bye, guys. bye.”  right after these shots she wanted to clarify “soooo….the next time we come to school you’re just going to drop me off and then leave, right?”

it seems we’ve both been looking forward to a little time apart. i’m happy to have a little girl who is well adjusted and ready to be independent.

we had time the following school day, the first official day of school, to snap a few nice ones:




i tried to honor her wishes with a quick goodbye on the first day but i did snap this shot of her right before she strapped all three baby dolls on herself. she’s a tiny, baby-wearing enthusiast.

for the record, i prefer those shots of darla next to the sign over any first-day-of-school conventional poses.


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