the wonderful story of how you were born


last weekend i was perusing in a used bookstore and i came across the most amazing vintage book geared toward explaining procreation. it’s everything i’ve been looking for in an appropriate explanation of sex, procreation, birth and nursing….and it was written in 1952.

The Wonderful Story of How You Were Born is a pretty fantastic resource by Sidonie Matsner Gruenberg. Besides the fact that it’s a lovely little vintage book with great illustrations and fun to look at, it’s very matter of fact about procreation for all life on earth. Gruenberg doesn’t shy away from using medical terms- seeing the word vagina in a 50s children’s book is pretty cool- but explains them in tangible terms. i feel the book is very respectful to the Creator without being overtly religious. it even explains genes in a way a small child could understand.

i’ve started reading some parts of it to darla but mostly i’ve been reading and re-reading as a way of internalizing the way the author explains the birds and the bees so i have some good material for when the off the cuff conversations come about.

if any of you parents are looking for a good resource i suggest getting a copy of The Wonderful Story of How You Were Born. an updated version from 1971 is also available but the 50s version is much prettier.

oh and i also found a book about Gnomes that i’ve been coveting for a long time. it actually does cover gnome procreation…and a little book of western songs. it was a good day at the bookstore.




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