time out

mikey’s only been gone a week and i already feel like putting my head through a wall.

three is a lot whinier than two.

momma is losing her grip and her patience. it’s clear i need a new strategy. i’ve got my daily dose of peaceful parenting tips coming in from the interwebs but i’m thinking i need to add some more parenting books to my collection.

has anyone read positive discipline or dr. sears’ discipline book? suggestions? any recommendations or strong drinks you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

thanks a mil.


3 thoughts on “time out

  1. positive reinforcement, gobs of praise for good work or good behavior, and an occasional seat in time out have worked for us here. (so far). I’ve also read that disciplining from across the room is a big no-no….. that talking to a toddler on their level is very important. So if Carter is doing something wrong- I’ll go to him & sit down so that I’m on his level. I read something last year that talked about the importance of telling them that you understand why they are angry…. and I thought it was a bunch of hogwash- but it works! I will tell Carter that I understand why he’s upset and that it’s ok to be upset…. but we don’t…. ______ because we’re upset. Fill in the blank. He seems to get it. But every child is different. Good luck! I’ve noticed that he is starting to whine a little as well- I think it’s a three year old thing…. and I’ve heard over and over that three is much worse than two. Two has been a dream for us- so I’m really nervous about what this next year might bring. Let me know if you find anything really good- I may need it!

    • it seems like 3 is a hard transition from baby to big kid. it seems like darla can’t decide if she wants responsibility of a big kid or being taken care of like a babe still. i think her being sick has had a lot to do with it, but seriously i haven’t been talked to in a normal voice for about 12 days. look out for the whining phase. it’s all been better today. i just needed to vent. i know that the only thing i can change is my attitude and i can only control myself :)

  2. Do you sing to Darla? I know you used to sing constantly and you have such a beautiful voice. I have tried singing and rocking her when she gets upset here but she dislikes being confined on my lap and I don’t have a nice voice, can’t recall lyrics, etc. Maybe when her whining is getting to be like nails on a chalkboard you could sing a song, distracting both of you, or get her to sing something like twinkle twinkle little star just to change her mood. I don’t recall you whining as much at age 3 as I do at age 5…which is why we established the Rules for Crying. But if she’s been sick you have to give her the benefit of doubt that during the onset she was not feeling well and now that recovering isn’t herself either. Just keep up with distractions like music, books, videos, change of scenery. She doesn’t like to eat much when she doesn’t have mouth full of sores so its not going to be much better when she’s got pain in her mouth.
    Its a shame that right at the onset of Mike being gone she’s been sick but getting it now may save you from missing some really great event in the future. Being confined in Feb is not as bad as perhaps missing a big event weekend or trip out of state. If you think it would help hook us up with skype and she can whine at Grandma and Grandpa for a while….and you can too if you want to.

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