lots of holiday busyness

but still wanted to take time out to say:



a few days ago darla had a nice little streak of being a very good girl so i got some red, white, and green gummi bears, filled our glass christmas tree, and left a note for her from santa. he told her he was proud of her and had one of his elves come leave her a treat and she should continue to be good so he could bring her more toys and treats on christmas day.

she was over the moon. and since then she talks about all the presents she’s going to get at least once an hour. i think my plan worked though and the old jolly man has carried a little more clout with her when i say things like “santa’s watching and he wants you to eat your delicious curry.” we had to pretend it was radish curry, by the way, because she’s been insisting she’s boober fraggle.

well today she found my grocery list scribbled on the same stationary as her note left from “santa.” she called me out on it. she really gave me the third degree and kept asking “are you sure this isn’t another note from santa because it looks just like my other one?”

away to my excuses i flew like a flash. i can’t tell if she bought it or not but i’m still in disbelief that my not-yet-three year old almost broke the santa code right open. she’s sleuthy.