a few days ago darla had a nice little streak of being a very good girl so i got some red, white, and green gummi bears, filled our glass christmas tree, and left a note for her from santa. he told her he was proud of her and had one of his elves come leave her a treat and she should continue to be good so he could bring her more toys and treats on christmas day.

she was over the moon. and since then she talks about all the presents she’s going to get at least once an hour. i think my plan worked though and the old jolly man has carried a little more clout with her when i say things like “santa’s watching and he wants you to eat your delicious curry.” we had to pretend it was radish curry, by the way, because she’s been insisting she’s boober fraggle.

well today she found my grocery list scribbled on the same stationary as her note left from “santa.” she called me out on it. she really gave me the third degree and kept asking “are you sure this isn’t another note from santa because it looks just like my other one?”

away to my excuses i flew like a flash. i can’t tell if she bought it or not but i’m still in disbelief that my not-yet-three year old almost broke the santa code right open. she’s sleuthy.


3 thoughts on “busted…almost

  1. If I recall correctly, you figured out that my handwriting on gift tags was the same as Santa, am I right?

    Last visit Darla discovered the doll I have been hiding from her since I found it last year (coinidentaly is named DARLA, has a device that makes it cry tears from bottle you fill with actual water and which it makes slurp sound while “drinking”, giggle, make “sleep sound” and say mama) and when I discovered she’d broken into that cabinet and I removed the boxed doll from her posession I told a lie…..a whopper. I told her I was intending to give it as a donation to the benefit for poor children who don’t have homes where Santa can deliver. Without missing a beat she looked me in the eye and asked “A donation Grandma, really?” I felt terrible. And she’s gonna realize it so I am trying to figure out how to walk my way out of it…..not sure if just changing the subject will work out. I did make a cash donation for a charity so perhaps I will just tell her I gave money to the poor kids instead…….I am not even gonna try to pass off anything here as having been delivered by Santa or earned through good behavior……

    • yeah, i think i figured out that santa had your handwriting early on. should have guessed darla would pick up on it too. also glad to know you have a doll for her actually named darla. she has named all her other toys darla. that or wierd asian names. she’s kinda self-focused. apple doesn’t fall far from the momma tree. :)

      • Yep, it’s astonishing that the doll was named Darla. I’d seen it on line at toysrus as I was looking at interactive dolls and the reviews were very good for how the people’s kids responded (I didn’t want it to be a creepy kind of interactive doll). Then when I went in there was huge stash of them and all sorts of accessories…like half a wall. There was some sort of clearance deal but I didn’t realize it was clearance forever….just thought it was the season being over. I am so glad I purchased then due to the price cut because there was not a single one or any accessory this year. Nor is there a similar doll with another name….just baby alive who sort of creeps me out and she ingests something in a pouch you have to mix. Batteries and water are all I wanted to deal with.

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