and here are some more pics from our visit to the fairfield county fair in mike’s hometown, lancaster oh. because, well, fairs always make for pretty pictures. tickets round

chopper round

slide start round

birch beerbirch round

balloon round

crowdedfair round

this may be the state’s last county fair for the year but i can’t guarantee it’ll be ours. we’re at 5 fairs for the year and one major theme park. we’re gonna see this thing through.

1. ticket to ride  2. new ride  3. dad’s turn on the fun slide  4 & 5. birch beer – it’s not only delicious, it’s pretty too  6 & 7 balloon wrangling. immediately regret the decision to get her that balloon. no i don’t. she loved it and started referring to it as her baby. it was worth it in the end.


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