christmas cousins

cousin cutout

ahhhh, it never gets old, does it? sticking kids heads in wooden cutouts. it is funny. yes, yes it is. celebrating christmas with these girls gets better every year. I’m really glad they have each other. they love each other immensely. I hope it will last a lifetime for them, as it has for me. i’m sure we’ll go through some awkwardness in high school when cousins start to distance because you don’t know if your cousin is cool because, shit, you don’t even know if you’re cool. but then cousins reconvene in adulthood and are all like “hells yeah, you’re cool and i’m cool. our family is the coolest!”  just speaking from slight experience…

charlie brown cousins

but i’m getting ahead of myself. these days are filled with cousin love and happiness at the simple things in life, like imitating charlie brown kids outside of restaurants. i really just love them right now. smiley…hearts…smiles…flowers…love…emotions…love.

ps. that little guy knows that he is in for it with these two already. just look at him. sorry little man.