V week

darla originally picked last week as a T week but i switched it to V because of valentines. ’cause, seriously, V needs all the help it can get. here’s our V learning.










so i leaned on the valentine thing quite hard the first part of the week. i cheated by chalking out weekly library trip as a “visit” but i wanted to include it in here for the sheer chance of bragging that my child now insists we visit the art gallery of the main library every time we go. oooohhh i love the columbus library. lots of other people do, too. guess that’s why it’s number one in the nation.

we did a lot with vegetables. darla helped me with the veggie portion of meals all week. and we drew up her dream garden. well, i drew the veggies and she scribbled some yellow on it and said it was corn but then she set to work on a scarecrow with the black.

we talked about venus, the planet and the roman goddess. i pulled up the birth of venus and the venus de milo and she was very concerned about where venus de milo’s arms were and why the fairies were so big in boticelli’s painting.

and since we were into art that day i broke out van gogh and velazquez because that’s what we had around the house.

it wasn’t a great week for learning because i was feeling uninspired but i think it will suffice.


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