obligatory vote post


darla and i had fun with this chalk mural outside the wexner center today. we jumped from star to star all the way up to the door. we were attending a leibovitz event (post and pics tomorrow). i hope everyone is ready to cast your vote on tuesday. we’ll be vying for a spot to get into the big rally here in columbus tomorrow. i really want to give darla that experience. i was 9 1/2 months pregnant, waddling along with hundreds of thousands on The Mall during Obama’s inauguration. i’ll always feel that small connection to the beginning of her life and transport myself back to the excitement of that time in my life come every election.

she’ll grow up and form her own opinions and my only wish is that i do right by her giving her the tools to be firmly invested in her own convictions. i hope involving her from a young age might help her to be connected to her rights as a voter. and i hope you will be too.

remember, votes are like assholes…everybody only has one!

Winds of Change

things are changing around here. i don’t know if it’s the imminent seasonal switch but it has always felt to me that fall brings about change. I believe whole-heartedly that change is good.

so i just wanted to send out a little positivity to any of you out there making changes of your own. doesn’t it feel good? what transformations are you undertaking in your life?

project iron thighz

ok, i’m getting pretty bad at recording these days and distances. next week i’ll be better. i’m combining last weeks distances and this weeks. i’ve been mediocre at best this week.

1 mi

15 mi

7.8 mi

4 mi

this week –

early part of week – 3 mi

7/20 – 2 mi

7/21 – 3.6

7/22 – 1 mi

bi-weekly total = 37 mi

grand total = 234.8

the goal for this next week is to put some serious miles on RuJu. i’ve been slacking.

no excuses. no fear.

dear salty sailor,

when i was a little lassie i would always try to go to bed early before an upcoming, exciting day. i knew that the hours would pass quickly as i slept and said excitement would be here before i could say “a la peanut butter sandwiches.”  this practice would then result in me lying awake, agonzing because i could not, in fact, fall asleep. i would then doze off sometime in the wee hours of the morning only to then wake up late and miss a good chunk of the day i was so looking forward to.

this is basically what is happening as i type.

i’m so over the moon to see you that i can’t seem to settle. and i’m also really bummed because i was all about getting in one last night of diagonal sleeping. a full night. i was gonna use every glorious hour to sleep on every inch of this bed….but nope. i just can’t wait till you’re over there on your side and i’m doing things like poking you in the side so you’ll stop snoring but pretending to be asleep when you are startled. tee he he he.

i’m listening to the band right now and it’s occurred to me that i haven’t been able to properly mourn the death of mr. helm without you. we’re going to have to have a night soon, very soon, dedicated to just that. for some reason, i do need to mourn him but i can’t do it without you. it wouldn’t be proper. not at all.

looking forward to all the things were going to do together, practical and im, starting in just a little over 12 hours.