avoiding maternity clothes

avoiding maternity clothes

^^^ styled by darla and still in my regular jeanz!! ^^^

avoiding maternity clothes

 avoiding maternity clothes

^^^ from that part of my pregnancy that took place in the 60s ^^^

avoiding maternity clothes

^^^ and i just want to say this looked way less pajama-ish in real life ^^^

so another week has gone by of stretching tent like fabrics over my bod. i’m feeling a little skeptical about whether or not i’ll make it through the end of this without purchasing maternity clothes. this belly is getting bodaciously big. AND I LOVE IT. except for one thing. it’s present in that last photo, however faintly. upon laundry inspection, i’ve come to realize that all my shirts are getting food stains dropped on the top of my bump. methinks i need to slow down on the shovel factor. it’s just a bit embarrassing.

also, can i just say how thankful i am that i decided a while back to make boho, semi hippie fringe my look. because now it’s like not a big deal if my hair’s a mess and my patterns clash. that’s just my look. ladies, if you’re pregnant, i highly suggest you just get your hair cut in a mop like fashion and then you’ll never have to worry about doing it. it’ll just be part of your look.

there. the end.


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