learning how to share

dear friends, family & fans,

thanks, as always, for reading my blog and being a source of encouragement. i have no idea why some of you have stuck with me for so long but thank you just the same.

many of you might have read about facebook’s upcoming changes to their algorithm that affects how pages such as MomJeanz share new posts with their fans. right now about 8-10% of a page’s fanbase organically sees a post. the upcoming changes will limit our audiences to about 1-2% viewing for those pages who do not pay to promote a post.

say what?!

now i would love to be able to pay to promote my posts and grow my readership but that’s just not feasible or financially smart for a hobby blog such as mine.

there are a couple of things you can do as readers to stay up on MomJeanz action and help circulate new posts: 1. you can hover over the “like” button on my blog page and click on “get notifications”. Keep in mind, this means you will get a notification for every post i make. this option is good for the hard-core MomJeanz fan who wants to keep close tabs on our doings {mom, this one’s for you} 2. OR you can just visit the MomJeanz page, frequently, and comment on or share the posts. the more interactions a post has, the more it will show up in the feed of others, organically. 3. OORRR you could add MomJeanz to your blog feeds. i use bloglovin’ for organizing my blogs but another one is called Feedly {both have free apps as well}. and then you can share your favorite MomJeanz posts to your Facebook page. yay!

of course, you can always do none of these things. but fyi, soon your feed will be full of a lot more posts, articles, and links from businesses that have paid to be in your face and there will be a lot less of the actual things that you want in your face…in your face.

i hope you will choose to stay in touch with this blog. if you haven’t liked the facebook page for my bloggity then come on over and do so. thanks for reading as always. you’re a gem. a real diamond in the rough.


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