grain-free granola unrecipe

 photo 4F9D80F6-B84D-44AF-9F44-1C5E4D03A96B-4295-00000320E2C17CD5_zps84b1ad42.jpg

i’ve been trying to start my days off grain free for the last couple months and i’ve noticed a marked difference in my day. however, i am a granola lover and missed my morning crunch until i got to thinking…what if i just made the granola without the oats?

this gave birth to my absolute favorite breakfast item: grain free granola. it’s delicious.

i’m not really a recipe person, per say, so i thought i would share my non-rigid approach. it’s based on the granola recipe we were working with last winter but without the oats or measurements.

i first gather all my favorite nuts in the bulk section and then bring them home and throw them in a big bowl. i do a four count pour of a healthy oil {usually melted coconut oil} then i add pure ohio maple syrup and that is more of a five or six count pour. sometimes i add honey or brown sugar depending on my mood. then it all gets mixed and spooned into baking dishes. if i haven’t used any salted nuts i will sprinkle salt on the top before it goes in the oven at 250 degrees for 75 minutes.

the mixture above used walnuts, sliced almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, spanish peanuts, and ground flax seed. my favorite granola ingredient, coconut, was sadly missing but it will be present in the next batch, i guarantee.

so, now you can make this or not. whatever. but if you do, i hope you enjoy the tastes and smells of this delish, grain-free treat that goes great with yogurt and fruit or as a topper for your favorite icecream!


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