photo 1827EA69-52A0-4613-BED1-922122BECA4E-23195-0000117ECC9917FA_zpsa64be7b0.jpg photo BFEABB29-44CD-468F-B3B7-5EE711986A4B-23195-0000117ED17C667E_zps8fddef7d.jpg

i thought i would include some of d’s readz this week as well. you can see information intake has been eclectic in this household this week.

i’m currently enjoying Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver. I’m slowly getting into it and don’t really know why it was calling to me but i love BK’s writing style. that woman knows how to tell a story. i also fantasize myself into the wild west in a past life so it’s keeping me fairly entertained thus far. like her other books, this one is told from multiple points of view. i’m not really far enough into it. i don’t really know what is going on in this book. so…this post is really pointless.

but part of the reason my own personal reading takes a back seat is because reading for d takes up a large chunk of my daily time. we straddled Fantastic Mr. Fox and Bodies from the Ice this week for her. these go together like ricky simmons and spandex don’t they? what can i say? darla’s interest in eqyptian mummies led us to branch out to mummification via glacier. honestly, it’s facinating stuff.

does FMF need an explanation? i feel we’re really lucky to have such an amazing movie to go along with this children’s classic. the majority of darla’s interest in chapter books has spun off from movies.

now you know what’s in our brains.


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