if you’ve been reading this for a while you are probably aware that i’ve been experimenting with different formats for this blog for some time. in short i’ve been trying to figure out a way to share our life and the things i find important. yeah, you know, social media.

i haven’t really been successful. i think of it as a learning curve. i’ve been trying to figure out a way to do so without it being so time-consuming on my end and, well, mundane on yours. i know that i find my daughter, my family and my life to be vastly more interesting than you, or you, or you probably do. but i’d like to share none-the-less. this is a good exercise in writing, documenting and creativity for me. i’m a stubborn person so i’m going to keep at this.

i think i’ve found a way to accomplish what i want but please bear with me. some things that i said were going to be new series on here aren’t. some projects i’ve taken on in the past will not be completed. i know this isn’t breaking hearts.

thank you for sticking with me. thank you for reading. if you’ve been coming here to judge and make yourself feel better about your life then you’re certainly still welcome here to do that. you deserve to feel good about your life. i do, too. i’ve had a rough go of that this past year and that’s what this blog is about. i think i’ve come through on the other side and keeping this here web log had something to do with that. this is about me taking a step back and re-examining all the good parts, hanging on to the saving moments. this is my happy place. or, it’s a reflection of my happy place.

thank you. you’re a peach.


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