photo 5AEA1F1E-EABE-46BD-A3F4-40EE0B491947-399-00000050B53C008C_zps08ed4af9.jpg photo 0E6987AC-097A-456F-A65F-D6A0CE60D63B-399-00000050B0FEB724_zps71dc05da.jpg photo 735BBB63-DAB4-4596-B885-14872671BF6D-399-00000050AD25D046_zpsaab9441f.jpg photo E0540B37-D57A-4274-B835-66EE8F53A1E7-399-00000050A83947F0_zpsc50e61e4.jpg

a selection of pics from the clintonville farmer’s market. we chose a sunflower in remembrance of my cousin and the grand family time we were all having a year ago.

last pic is from the columbus flea. darla was so dang cute trying on hipster clothes.

we had beautiful weather here. hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend as well.


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