how i’m spending my kid-free time

we’re only 2.5 days into darla being gone so i’m still at that phase of feeling i might *finger quotes* accidentally forget *finger quotes* to pick my child up in a few days. this phase directly precedes the phase of feeling lost, lonely and completely void of any life purpose without my child. yep, in a matter of 12 hours the change will set in. what can i say? parenting: making moms bipolar since…forever.

and i just want to say the next time one of you non-spawning people tell my you haven’t had time to do something i will look into your eyes, down into your soul and i will know you are LYING. childlessness provides all the time in the world!!!! i’m like scrooge mcduck backstroking through his vault of gold coins only instead of coins they are minutes and instead of a stingy duck i am me. big hair, big boobs ME swimming in a sea of time.

so here’s what i’ve been doing with myself:

 photo 17DD6B79-809E-4AAB-BE2C-33989A8DD842-1199-000000B22315738F_zpsc784438b.jpg photo 65CE6CAD-990C-4AD9-9C60-E0F0C5059DBC-1199-000000B2317956F6_zpsd075e103.jpg photo 33731022-FA93-468F-BF1D-3CCA95839A72-1199-000000B256A10F1E_zpsa9303508.jpg photo 283D4F51-24CC-44CB-9663-71808FA7C381-1199-000000B25B9AFFCF_zps36b01fb3.jpg photo 16320573-671F-4821-AAC3-DD55067C469F-1199-000000B24AF39CC8_zpsd4e9a236.jpg

 photo B2952546-55E5-4770-BBE7-E8269148E9B2-1199-000000B251394708_zps916da6df.jpg photo 9073D2FD-EAC3-4E9F-B111-65D27BD23A97-1199-000000B244167818_zps00b97558.jpg

1. attending concerts – husbeau and i saw grizzly bear and xx one night and japandroids the next. we left japandroids early because we just were not digging it and i think this may be a first for us a couple.  2.  i’ve had more than one lovely bike ride everyday. it’s been simply perfect riding weather.  3. working in a beautiful space and catching up on some birthy reading once all my shop chores were finished. two jobs at one time!!  4. spending time at the library filling out my certification paperwork  5. catching some rays while i  6. take care of some ornery laundry and  7. pay attention to the other growing things for which i am responsible.

all this i’ve been doing while waiting on the call from a momma to let me know her baby is coming earthside! i love the anticipation part of my work.

i guess when darla is gone i’m prone to taking pictures of my legs. can’t say that i’m too ashamed because they’re the only legs i’ve got but it’s possible things will be more visibly stimulating when she gets back.

but until then i’m going to enjoy the peace and calm and excess free time. i might even do some front porch sittin‘ later and now that i think about it recreating this kid-free-zone for myself sounds pretty good too.

sending you positive vibes for a great weekend. happy friday everybodiez!


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