front porch sitting

i’ve been trying to take advantage of our front porch as much as possible during the warm summer weather. it seems like we are on the go so frequently that a nice front porch sittin’ session really revives me. whether it’s first thing in the morning for breakfast or in the evening for a beer after darla’s gone down.

the front porch has been good to us. somehow it always seems calm out there. it’s kinda my happy place. the porch has provided us with good conversations, helped us meet our neighbors, and has been a nice cool place to listen to some tunes or just sit and stare meditatively at the sycamore leaves blowing in the wind across the street.

that last one might just apply to only me.

i love sycamores. but anyway…

we’re gearing up for another festival weekend so i’ve been trying to catch some extra front porch time this week. i’d like to reach a nice, calm state of being before heading back into the frenzy. Last night definitely helped:




praise the universe for that front porch. won’t you come join me for a sit-sesh?

ps. take notice of our wedding poster we FINALLY got framed. almost 2 years later and i’m still in love with it. eternal gratitude mr. crothers!


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