grant us peace and serenity

my mind has been in editorial mode all day but since darla is with the grandparentals i have the practical part of my brain screaming at me: “you have tons of chores and projects to get done. don’t waste this time in front of the computer. to do. to do.” i kinda gave my brain the bird and sat down to type, but i made a compromise. here’s my little work environment today.


i’m sitting down with to do lists, projects, books to re-read, edamame & luna burgers and a beer to drink. because that’s what a lady does when she has just a little bit of time to herself.


this hell or high watermelon beer by 21st amendment brewery is seriously the bomb. best warm weather beer. the hint of watermelon is very slight and not fruity at all. it instantly transforms all surroundings into a picnic. there may or may not be a ukulele player at the picnic. you decide. this beer is supposed to be for a ladies weekend trip starting tomorrow but it’s so good i couldn’t resist breaking into it early.

i’m finally going to get our new year’s cards out. husband, don’t you look at your computer screen like that! it’s laughable at this point but these puppies are going out. everyone look out for some wrucker goodness in their mailboxes next week!

IMG_2309all things must pass currently has me in a very good place but it’s only a matter of time before this next one gets put on. it’s inevitable. both albums are applicable to any day, mood and situation.

IMG_2310happy friday! wishing you all a most enjoyable and productive weekend.




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