daily moment

i know i already shared a moment but there were so many good happenings and doings yesterday. it was a really fantastic day. i thought you wouldn’t mind a double dose, it being a holiday weekend and all.

 photo 3485E375-262D-4BC5-9ACC-D45AD3F8CD24-19992-000013651B5F499D_zps8ade1915.jpg photo EF9C31E2-D9FC-4E8C-91BA-67C2831A125B-19992-0000136510345B94_zps64161f04.jpg

darla dancing to dylan on his birthday. hope it was a good one, mr. zimmerman.


One thought on “daily moment

  1. I live for these doses……don’t ever worry about tiring me with them….I could take 10 a day…….even more.

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