daily moment

 photo 50FFE177-F3CB-4EBA-B042-A65A61C151C1-19992-00001364983BCBCA_zps42a22f7d.jpg photo DE8D08D9-2E7D-4AE5-A78D-99ABECCBBCD6-19992-00001364FC3A47F5_zpsee051c67.jpg

this second picture is it. it captures all i love about her. sending up little prayers that she stays this free forever.


2 thoughts on “daily moment

  1. Its funny but her clothes almost look color coordinated with the painting…..did she anticipate this and plan for it? I love her joy. Even in a still picture it comes through. I think she looks like one of the Peanuts characters in this photo. I can see her dancing on that stage with the pony tail flippers but she wouldn’t repeat the same move continuously…..would have great variety to her choreography! I am missing her but gotta keep away until I kill this cold. Miss all of you very much.

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