my life lesson as of late has been acceptance. it’s been a hard one for me, let me tell ya.

i’m learning that there are things about myself and my loved ones that can’t and shouldn’t be changed. it may come to pass that i discover i’m a completely different person than i thought i was. i feel as though a lot of my life has been focused on exacting the type of life i think i should have instead of focusing on the life i want.

maybe i need to accept that my personality is such that i would prefer seclusion in a quiet cabin by a fire instead of traipsing off around the globe. maybe i need to accept that i would ACTUALLY prefer to spend winter in hibernation in a cabin in the woods and then the remaining three quarters driving around the country in a mid-size recreational vehicle. yeah….that sound just about perfect.

maybe i need to accept that i will always desire polar opposites. i need to accept my inconsistency. after all, inconsistency isn’t really all that bad.

i’m ready to accept the good and the bad instead of feeling like life has to be one big quest of self-improvement. yes, i do want to improve and continue to grow but maybe it could do with a little less self-imposed pressure.

and i’m due for an outward push of acceptance. like…maybe i need to accept that my daughter may never, ever learn to sit in a chair correctly:


and that’s ok.


3 thoughts on “acceptance

  1. I think your daughter sitting in chair will happen. As for the rest of what you talk about, I’m not sure. Accepting oneself can be a challenge. Some of us tend to be more self critical. I can definitely get in this mode at times.

  2. I am SO glad to know that I am not the only one whose child may never learn this skill. He also may never learn to sit upright on the couch. He is always either rolling all over the place on it, running across it, or upside down on it. Some days it makes me crazy! Especially when we are trying to do schoolwork.

  3. erin, i’ve conferred with many other parents of preschoolers and the collective opinion is they’re all nuts. we can look forward to 5-11, which is referred to as the “stabilizing years.” from what i can remember of childhood i think you’re in the clear for a little reprieve soon, but me…not so much. i was still fairly crazy during those “stable” years…

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