at the wheel

luckily we had classes all morning to take my mind off of our pesky house guests. darla started pottery last week. she’s WAY into it so far. and i’ve made the mistake of not putting her in pottery appropriate attire two weeks in a row. sigh.

here she is at the wheel:




2 thoughts on “at the wheel

  1. LOVE. loved pottery classes myself. glad you just reminded me to dig out all of those creations I boxed up because I didn’t have my own place at the time. I’m excited to see what she creates- so wonderful Elaine! I’ll have to check into some pottery classes in our area to see about toddler classes. :)

  2. J – i bet bloomington would have a plethora of kids pottery classes. i’m sure your babes would enjoy. good luck digging your old potery projects out. xo.

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