on tuesday morning i got out my note pad which had been partnered up at the bar with my gal pal and and i to re-read some of the snippets of the previous night’s convos. if some of you are not narcissistic enough to have done this yet, i highly suggest it.

my eyes settled on this one: “the only thing you should buy in bulk is peanut butter.”  hmmm when taken out of context it actually sounds like good advice. i can assure you that during the actual conversation, it was not.

nevertheless, i put that on my to-do list for the week and little lady and i stopped into Krema today for an out-of-this-world peanut butter and strawberry jam sammich and our bulk butter.


in case you missed that it says 5 LBS! 5 lbs of natural peanut butter goodness and it’s all mine….i mean ours. i guess i could spare a pound.

i’m pretty happy about the idea of getting this little guy in bulk and not dealing with at least 7 little jars it would take to equal it. can i count this as a zero-wasting-the-home effort?

welcome to the good life where the peanut butter flows like mead. now i wish we had 5 lbs of mead.

oh and by the way, peanut butter paired with grape jelly is total bullshit. peanut butter paired with strawberry jam is, well, the JAM. never. looking. back.


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