frankie says relax

darla in my shirt yesterday morning

it’s just that i’m having a hard time relaxing these days because our house is apparently the place all the cool snakes hang out. yeah that’s what i said, SNAKES. out in the yard and today i found one in the basement. yuck.

so, i’m not the “wow, snakes are really cool and interesting” type of person. i’m more of a “whatever side of the brain that controls rational thought shuts off and i just stand and scream” kinda person. they are harmless garter snakes and while I KNOW they are harmless i still cannot help but hyperventilate every time i see one. i’m serious.

while i am in theory ok with sharing the space with these creatures, i simply cannot have myself going all vasovagal in front of my three-year-old everyday.

a friend and i were discussing their increased presence this past week. they seem to be everywhere. i’m seeing tons of status updates on facers. we thought, could this be a sign from the Mayans?

so i looked it up and turns out the snake is a goddess sign for fertility and midwifery. so that is helping me a little. maybe i’ll just imagine the next little ladysnake i see as a midwife from a prior century and it’ll take the edge off. i doubt it though.

let’s just hope that whatever the landlord and the exterminator posse are coming to do tomorrow works.


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