i would like to shove some fun additional ways to keep in touch with momjeanz in yo’ face:

1. I’m tweeting…i think. not sure if i know what i’m doing but you can find me @heyMomJeanz on Twitter. the little button over there on the rightey sidey will take you there too.

2. if you haven’t checked me out on pinterest yet you should because i just started a new TACO BOARD!!! yeah. yeah. i know. I KNOW. it’s called everyday tacos and someday it will have 365.25 taco recipes pinned in it so we can eat them everyday. the button is over there right next to that other button.

3. there’s always the old tried and true facebook friendships.

4. i almost touched a snake and i didn’t scream this time. progress not perfection! perfection would be if the snakes were not here at all but seeing how we were going through this last may they must hibernate somewhere on the property. i’m dealing with it a lot better this year.  a little lady snake got caught in our garden netting. i called my friend chris who helped last year. he rescued her and took her off our property but before she left i whispered specific instructions for her to spread the word to her snake friends that i had her rescued and not killed so would she please not send any more of her friends to get me. also, apparently i blog about snakes a lot. see also here. { also, in reference to that last post: i do not think snakes are sexy. i think i just watched that paula abdul video at an impressionable time in my life }

i realize this 4th point is not about a fun additional way to keep in touch with momjeanz but i think this info adds a certain substance to this post. just keeping with the contact theme…


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