Ruby Juice


hello everyone, meet Ruby Juice. she’s our newest and shiniest member of the family. why Ruby Juice? well, because i tried to name her Ruby Mae and Darla said “NO! Ruby Juice” but she said it with a really drawn out middle i.e. juuuuuuiiiiiiiiice. so Ruby Juice she is and just now while typing it i’ve decided to make it a compound word such as Beetlejuice. RubyJuice.


so, since i splurged on RuJu i’ve decided it’s necessary to ride her as much as possible. i’ll be keeping a weekly log of how many miles we ride to see how long it takes us to ride back the cost of her. i’m hoping to save lots of gallons of gas this summer + fall. yay environment! Let project Iron Thighz commence!

yeah, that’s what i’m calling this – Project Iron Thighz.


2 thoughts on “Ruby Juice

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